Cold steel on a cold patrol

Tried making a snowy enviroment. Map is DM_Underpass.

Oh, found some music, too. What do you think, does it fit the picture?

C&C, please. This wasn’t a 10-minute work.

Looks like someone found the Brush Tool. :v:

Bad joke.

There’s no tuts about making things snowy, so I had to improvize.

The snow is too blury and transparent, and the floor is way to shiny, but I like the posing and the mech. It’s not that bad at all.

The snow looks like bloom more than anything.

Okay. How to improve? I need to know BADLY, I’ve never been good with rain/snow.

No, wait. You mean the snow on the ground, or the raining snow?

On the ground.

Ah, ok. Maybe I shouldn’t have edited the one with bloom.

Personally, I think making a snowy environment in Photoshop when the original map isn’t snowy is very hard to achieve. You’d have to paint it manually on about every flat surface and you’d need to be a good painter and have a lot of spare time.

I will keep trying.

I think the snow looks good, usually when someone does snow or rain in photoshop its always really dense and theres too much of it. Here there’s a nice average snowfall and the lighting and color gives you the right cold feeling.

The posing is good, and I like the editing.