Cold Village

Hello everyone!

After a while the launch of my map on garrys mod workshop , I want to do an update and want ideas on what I should add to it to get even better :slight_smile:

My map:

I think it’s a bit too blocky, but so far it looks nice and clean. A lot better of a first attempt than some people around here :V

As gnampf said to blocky and dark, for a few suggestions get rid of the concrete floor and use cobble stone make some cobble stone paths with dirt/mud textures for the roads, also add some detail to the houses like window cills and door frames making the extent 1 or 2 units out from the wall, for general area detail add benches street lighting and if you don’t have them look or telepone and post box models, but for a 1/2nd map it looks good

Thanks !

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I am going to get better textures when i get counter strike source because the half life 2 textures is not too good for this kind of map, but thanks for the advice

Just took a look at it, I got a couple smalls critiques mainly to do with visuals, but it looks like you have a good start and a canvas for a good map.

There were some areas in the rooms where lighting was a little wonky.[/T]
Also as the others have said, the map feels too dark. It kinda gave the impression of it being more stormy than it being cold. With some of the interior lighting you also seem to being using the light entity as some of it is reflecting off the ceiling. Visually, I feel it would look better if you used light_spot and you could even pair it with env_lightglow to make it more like a spot light. I also feel like it was very uniform and generic. You could fix this by adding little details, Like the CP graffiti near the dumpsters. Some specific ideas I had were Chimneys (Some with and without smoke), clotheslines, small piles of litter, Potted plants, and maybe windows with balconies sort of like this:


Also you could add a City soundscape to help with the atmosphere of the map.

Overall I feel like you could make this map feel like a place you could actually go to but it has some details that need to be fixed before that can happen. Great job so far!

Thanks for the advice! next update the lights will be improved, The map name was “Dark Village” but was too generic, the City soundscape will be added and i am going to add more details.

After a long time of waiting here is the new update of the map! I sincerely apologize for the wait.

Here is the changelog:


-Added Shadow_control
-Added Fog_cotroller
-Added Ambient_generic
-Added Env_cubemaps
-Added Env_tonemap
-Added func_areaportal
-Added New room


-fixed shadows


-Changed Light_env

Got any screenshots you’d like to share? People are much more likely to check out your map if there’s some sort of preview

I would suggest having the roofs overhang the buildings slightly where as now they align with the vertical walls.

Here some of the screenshots

This is a good idea, but i am now focusing on a new map at the moment and after this i can release a new update for Cold Village.