Cold war/90s russian soldiers

These are meant to be russians soldiers from the cold war era, mostly as they appeared in afghanistan and from the 90s, similar as they appeared during the first chechen. There are 2 head variants - a simple head and one with a balaclava and each have 12 different face textures. Each head have 4 different uniform type models and all that comes in 2 flavors - a plain sand colored uniform and a TTsKO camo uniform. All models have a ton of bodygroups for stuff like webbing, chestrigs, gear, sleeve length and uniform type (summer type and winter type with a fur collar) and headwear. Also included are 2 AK variant models - an AK-74 with bodygroups for switching between a full and folding stocks, attaching a GP-25 grenade launcher and removing the magazine and also an AK-74M with bodygroups for also attaching a GP-25, a 1p29 scope and removing the magazine.



Mr. Rifleman - AK-74 model and textures
BF2 Project Reality team - AK-74M model and textures

Didn’t see that one coming so soon, awesome!

These are nice.

Ace stuff.

Very nice.

We must have every Soviet military type from the last 20 years ported to GMod by now.


There are no words for how happy this makes me.

oh my god its rossmum again

Nice. Can’t wait to try these models out.

I think my next release will make you even more happy.

Here’s something i did with these:

They’re great, but why are they so shiny? Look at Viper’s pictures. Military uniforms and gear don’t shine like that.

Really like dat 6B5 vest, though the helmet could use a bit more polygons.

They mostly only look shiny when you’re just using default map lighting. I tried to get the shaders to a point where there’s still some phong and rimlighting but it’s not too extreme, but I couldn’t get it quite right. If you just want to get rid of that, just go into the .vmt files of the parts that are too shiny and just remove the $phong lines.

Great job Simkas, they looks really cool. Dat MW3 heads fits everywhere. :v:

Great job, here’s a pic I made while testing the models.

Viper, what maps did you use for those pictures?
Also, great work Simkas! :slight_smile:


I cant seem to change the bodygroups of the AK-74 that is orange and such, it works fine on the black one.

Are you using the right click menu or some bodygroup tool? If you’re using one of those, try the other.