Cold War era British Soldiers

These are meant to be British soldiers as they looked like during the cold war. There are 2 different head models on these each with 12 different textures. There are 2 main types of models - one wearing a basic uniform and one wearing a black frag vest. Both of those also have variants with a DPM camo uniform and a plain olive drab colored uniform. All have bodygroups for different headwear (3 beret types, a paratrooper helmet and a Mk 4 helmet), different hands (regular hands, fingerless wool gloves and leather gloves), different collar and scrim scarf combinations, different gear setups, a bergen backpack and, obviously, the most important bodygroup of them all - a moustache. Also included is a L1A1 rifle model with some bodygroups and with all the moving parts rigged to be manipulated using the joint too, as well as different skins for wooden and regular black furniture.



Nice. Can’t wait to try these guys out. Thanks for the release.

Amazing release as well.

Wooo, nice release!

Oh wow, this looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Been waiting for these since you first showed them, great release c: All these factions you’ve been doing lately are amazing, can’t wait to see what you release in the future :smiley:


Brilliant stuff.

Don’t you guys mean…


Bloody Beautiful… sorry, I’m really terrible at knowing my British terms

god damn I’m loving all these cold war era releases

Oh my god there’s more soldiers
I love this

Very epic. We missed good Brits from cold war times.

Where’s the ragdoll on the left from?

How marvelous!

And check out the extended pinkie finger as he’s ‘suppin’ tea!

I think that helmet camo stripes might lack some transparency, unless that’s how they are supposed to be…

Still, great release, keep it going!

It’s one of the guys from the Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead thing that Half-dead ported and I just cleaned up a bit for the picture.

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No, that’s just how the model was. I couldn’t find a good model of normal helmet camo so I had to go with model that from Black Ops 2.

Very nice indeed.

Also, yeah, generally British helmet scrims are like that, it’s fine.

Great job as always, but you know what these could use?

Some camo facepaint.

Very nice packet - but I dont know how I can use the phy and mdl file format with Poser or 3ds max - I need an obj exporter. The mdl compiler don’t run on my machine.
Would be nice to have some help or somebody can export the british helmet and some other props in obj.

Thank you