Cold war era U.S soldiers

I would pretty much like to see someone either reskin or make new models of U.S soldiers dressed with this camo

in this sort of gear(ignore the camo patterns)

“Hey guys watch me stab this land mine” :v:

Well, Cold War era can mean lots of things, but in your case, I think we’re in the late '70’s to '99 era uniforms. I’d suggest reskining the Romka’s HECUs.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any good pictures and saying to look at the U.S units in WIC isn’t good enough. :v:

what about the soviets tavaresh.

I think he wants World In Conflict/Red Dawn Era, which is like 1985-1989.

See! someone knows what i’m talking about!

Bump- aw come on! Nobody wants to take a whack at this?

Someone was trying to port World In Conflict models. Could wait for that. But that gear set up was pretty much the one used until like 2004, so any old BDU should do it.

Porting models from a strategy game were people are that small? Erm…No. So, I guess now its a skinning project?

He’s taking it apart to disarm it

No, they ported Company of Heroes just fine. And they’re to scale.

That and pretty much every 3D modelling program in the history of man has included a scaling tool

I just finished making a reskin of Romka’s Hgrunts to the old BDU’s if you are interested Not to long ago some one ported a bunch of models from Arma. Theres a mod for Arma called Project 85 that has perfect cold war models. It would be great if some one could port these

Those look fucking sick, would definitely be great if someone could get those into GM10