"Cold War" - Russian sniper team moving through a cold destroyed city


First real scene build… not much but yeah… First real edit too…

The light!

Heh… Somewhat inspired from the arctic environments of Battlefield 2142

Nice picture it really does have an artic feel to it

Thanks :smiley:

The falling snow is nice but the bloom is a little much and the snow drift on the ground looks a bit odd.

Alright, this is pretty cool. But I’d like to see more borders around the pictures here.

Just create a new layer, select all, and add 1px black border.

awesome snow

Thanks, noted

: /

Everyone seems to hate borders… so I didn’t add one but I suppose I could add one quick



MY FUCKING EYES OOWWWW LOOK AWAY FROM THE LIGHTTTT ( puts sunglasses on ) okay that’s better, nice posing and editing :slight_smile: just dont rape our eyes with that light to the right of the picture. 9.9/10 and genuine clean pallet board. :tiphat:

Thanks, noted :smiley:

Sorry about the light… I was toying around with it a bit… I tried making it a seperate layer then toning it down a bit but it wasn’t working well

Cool, very very cool.

Thank you :smiley:

(Oh the puns



I think the light gives it a realistic Arctic touch, and without it, it would look deadish.
Good pic, the snow is indeed nice.





there you go