Cold-war themed Death-Match Map

Hi! My names Grant. I’ve been working on an 1970’s Snow-Russia themed Death-Match map. I am also planning some TTT & Sandbox maps. This is about 5 hours of work so far. In the picture I have attached, you can see the main middle piece. This main piece will support multiple props and run in spots when in danger. This will also apply for more areas of the map such as the outer tunnels (building at the bottom of the picture). A long plank is placed to include higher combat. Guard routes surround the far-out areas of the map, these connect to the tunnels and will connect to much more strategic routes soon. I’m excited to continue working on this project and updating you guys! Let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks I can include in my map. Have a great day everyone!


Be sure to update us on progress!

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Development of CWDM has been paused for now. Another map I’ve been working on is coming together faster and better. I will announce when development will continue on CWDM.

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