Cold-war themed screenshots

Something I’ve done over the past week with FloaterTWO’s Black Ops stuff.
Most of these are unedited cos’ I would just make them look crappier with my mediocre editing skills.
If it’s too much of a page stretcher,I will thumb all of them.

C&C appreciated…

And lastly…Yuri Gagarin’s last flight.

Thought this was a joke thread when I saw the first image.
The rest are pretty good, the T-pose on the first one just threw me off.
Good work.

They’re not bad, but it could use some major improvements, such as lighting work and post processing. And those stand-down positions in the first were a little stiff.

I think, the last one is the best from your thread.
Work on your posing comrade.

Like it has been said, the T-posing in the first one is bad real bad. Should have posed em dude. The rest looks good posing wise, but the rest need some work!

Why do all the US soldiers in the pictures have M16A4s if this is supposed to be cold war?

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