Cold war US Hazmat


Credit - AlexVestin, simkas, tlsaudrl54, Romka and me

-Head Size was fixed (Different with picture size)

Looks nice, you got my download.

That’s nice.

Awesome work! That guys reminds me The Mist film (except the gasmask) :smile:

I like!

Nice model dude.

this is delicious

why i just see only 1 skin?

What is with the sudden uprising of this vietnam or any other war models?

not saying its bad, its pretty weird though.

models are p. nice

I love you more than I love myself!

Oh yes… exactly what I needed. Thanks!

this is the ragdoll i waited for my whole goddamn life…i fucken love you

Looks good. Would there be a way to make a winterized variant?

were did u get that gun?

My first thought was The Battle of Yonkers.

Black Ops mod tools came out. People can port models from it now.

Looks like everyone’s getting caught up.

Holy fuck.

The phong settings you use are so… strange.

They are very fun to mess with. I was bored and I decided to pose a drunk multinational hazmat party.

Yes he is about to launch a beer bottle out of that launcher.

This is awesome, now we can pose some zombies to fight these guys!