Collaborative asset bundles

Hey all,

I’m thinking of putting together a project and wanted to know what people thought, really the idea boils down to a site or repo where users can upload models, code, textures etc… and collaborate towards an ‘asset bundle’ with a set theme in mind, could be ‘low poly food’, and that would include some low poly models / textures as well as some code to make them functional entities where interacting with them increments health etc…

I’m thinking there is going to be a massive need for this sort of content once more creators get access to the game and by providing some template items it might help in giving people a hand with their projects, just like you might find with the unity / unreal stores. Of course, all the content uploaded to this platform would be entirely free.

I’m also interested in some suggestions if anyone has any.


I’m definitely interested in contributing. You should contact Exeros, he already has a sizeable catalogue. Looking forward to it!

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Oh perfect, I’ll have to ask him if he’s interested in it, thanks!

Im interested by ur idea, can’t wait for contribute ahah :sweat_smile:

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I am interested and I am down to contribute my discord is Triple X#0125 if you want to contact me

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Nice, thanks for both the offers. I’ll send a message over when I have things up and running Triple, cheers.