Collaborative List of the Best Gmod Videos Makers

I guessed this would be more appropriate in the discussion section rather than the video section as it technically isn’t a video, if I am wrong then I apologise and please feel free to move this to the Garry’s Mod video section.

If, like me, you love to watch some of the best Garry’s Mod videos out there, past and present then hopefully this will show you the true geniuses we have out there in the world of Gmod videos. Here I would like to generate a list of the communities choices of the top notch stuff to date.

I’ll add any that I personally would choose, feel free to share your thoughts on whether they deserve to be in the list and obviously suggest others that I haven’t included.


Recently made Ep3 of the They are Watermelons series he has funny videos with catchy tunes -


Creator of the Cs_Office series, and more famously the Unknown Moments series -

Das Bo Schitt

Famous for the popular Gmod Idiot Box Series and other shorts -
Oh also there is the Shadow Of Bo Schitt -


Even though most of his work is on Machinima his page has the links to most of his videos, if not all of them. Famous for The Idiots of Garry’s Mod, Half Life: Full Life Consequences, 100 Ways to Kill Yourself in Garry’s Mod and 100 More Ways to Kill Yourself in Garry’s Mod -


Also has a lot of videos on Machinima but some artistic shorts on his page, also links to his videos and a play list of Janus Syndicate Machinimas -


Very impressive contraptions have been made by this guy and he uses them in his videos, well worth a watch -


Part of the Janus Syndicate, along with them he has made the famous Source Wars and (I think you can call it a film) Dr. Strangeman -


Maker of Team Fortress 2: Moments with the Heavy, Gmod Brawls and lots of shorts -


Creator of War of the Servers THE Garry’s Mod film, Combine Nation, Ignis Solus - -


Creator of Escape from Garry’s Mod and Once upon a time in Garry’s Mod -


Creator of the Random song madness series

SpawnThemAll/Jetz and Hyperjerk

Creators of Garrymon: I Choose You! -


Creator of the Shortbits series -

Well that’s exhausted my list but please suggest more for me to add.

CoolCorky reminded me about LOLSPYMOVIES - go on take a guess what he made -

Mendelevius himself suggested halflife2man who makes The Big Random Gmod Movie Of DOOOOOM!-

I like the bouncy ball video from appoxx.

The music in it makes it for me.

I have the music as my alarm clock sound.

Also where’s the LOLSPYMOVIES guy?


Also Garrymon was made by Jetz and Hyperjerk IIRC

Good point, adding him now, also where did you you learn that? link to their page/pages?.

because it makes my day :buddy: i love you all

It’s been a while since I have watched war of the servers, think I might pop it on this evening.

I’ve got them on Steam, they showed me a WIP version a while back

Add halflife2man as well.

Right-oh, added to the OP.

Why are you crediting LitFuseFilms for War Of The Servers?
I believe that they only published it.

Well there were such a large volume of people involved, I thought it was best to sum them up as LitFuseFilms.

Were lit fuse films the ones who made Shelf Life too?

I don’t think so but I can’t be sure.