Collapse of Humanity; Outpost Serenity


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A HUGE thanks to [LOA] SonofBrim for the edit on the second image, he and I put a lot of time into and effort into these.

Comments & Criticism like always! Hope you liked it :smiley:

I really like the first one.


Dat… Contrast.

Both look pretty good.
My only notable gripe is that the posing of the two soldiers facing the camera in the second image is… weak, for lack of a better word.
They look like they’re standing casually, but their situation, expressions, and upper-body language tells a very different story, so it’s creating an unnatural contrast.

Shit, I didn’t notice how the legs looked after the fact! It took me forever trying to get the right leg stances, which I ended up prevailing, until I placed the zombies! D: It looked great before actually, but the zombies are covering the majority of their legs, and from the camera’s perspective, it definitely makes it look “casual” like you said. I can’t disagree, just kinda ticks me off how after all the effort put into the legs alone, the end the result is “weak”. But oh well, haha.

Thanks for the critique none the less!

Yeah, I get what you mean. I’ll sometimes see problems like that too after I’ve already taken screenshots, and I’ll go back all grumbly and such to fix it. :v:

I like it, but my only gripe is on the first screenshot really. All of the bodies that are by the wall, are all just leaning against it, which just makes the scene have less “flow.” Try adding bodies that are slumped forwards against it, or in some other position other than sitting against it.

That first one is really good, outstanding work.

“Clean up in tunnel twelve!”
Very excellent pictures!

I can definitely see where you’re coming from, you make a good point. But how do you know they’re actually dead? I tried to raise that question through the viewer but I should have built on that idea. Just kind of popped in my head in the final stages of the pic, (what if they’re not all dead) Kind of ironic actually, haha. So that’s when I added the zombies on the top of the stairs/platform. That might change your perspective on it a touch but still, you do have a point!

Holy, I feel everything brotha :rock:

[ Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Horde/Preview.jpg]( Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Horde/1440p.jpg)
Updated the edited one to have slightly less contrast. Also fixed the guy on the right’s mouth. Other links are already in the OP.

LOVE the first one. What Zombies are you using? They look way better than the L4D ones.

Some of them look like the CoD ones Half-Dead ported.

First one is pretty awesome, good angle, the zombies leaning on the wall look repetitious though. Second one, posing seems a little stiff. I always gripe about that two guns two hands thing. Even if you’re ambidextrous or have two lazy eyes, you wouldn’t be able to aim for shit.

Well actually, the H&K MP5 fires the same caliber ammunition as the Sig Sauer P226 (9mm), which isn’t heavy on recoil. You can also see that the MP5 has a stock which is on the guy’s chest, enabling him to commit fully automatic fire without losing much accuracy. In a point blank range (like in this picture), it’s quite easy to aim dual firearms in all honesty.

I shoot in competitions so I’m fairly experienced with guns in general. I’ve fired two (dual) .44 Magnums before, now that was fun! Haha.

I somehow missed this, but damn… nice picture dude.