Collect Call

got screenshots for a comic made but i’m just too lazy to do it so instead i’ll show you a compositional masterpiece albeit the ingame bloom/contrast being way too much thus making his forehead fuckin white beyond belief

but you love it


haha the burn job around the phone is so lazy oops


and the sharpen is overdone too hahaha wtf this wasn’t a problem before FFUUUUCK

I think I am in love

Holy fucking run dude :byodood:

Legs locked in fear and bowels tensed; you can not help but gaze at the being before you. It shambles to you, screaming – howling.


You are alive. It is alive. They are alive.

Running is not an option.

You give it the cold shoulder. A smirk cracks upon your lips and you laugh – clearly he is not a threat. Your smirk turns in to an inaudible chuckle and, to your horror, it develops to full blown agonized laughter. The guffaws of your own pity ravage your inner being; the hysteria taking course through your veins. You laugh – a symphony of your own laughter echoes through the hall way; and then silence.


Your mouth: no more.


nah it’s pretty cool, angles are great

the picture would be amazing were it not for the fact that the facemaps by default are ugly

yeah there’s no better ones out there though

easily this is the best citizen face on the planet but there’s no high res one that keeps it just as good – unless you go to fakefactory but we all know how laughable the citizen reskins are.


haha totally didn’t even have intentions on bumping this cause it’s so below average but hey if any of you losers know of any reskins that don’t suck hit me up aite? aite.

ugh. this. fuck reskins that change the faces, they look good as they are but need more detail. that’s all.

get out. just go. go. it was more than obvious that the spelling was intentional but j- just… jesus. get out.

Finish this.

I want to see him run like little girl.

The outlining in the OP picture is horrible.

its rimlighting.

no it’s because of the sharpen