Collecting Heads (suggestion)

I think it would be cool if you were able to collect fallen enemies’s heads and stick them on poles as trophies or to taunt enemies whom you have previously slain. I also think that it would be ascetically pleasing. Mainly I think that it would allow you to be a bounty hunter and open up new play styles and add variety. Also, if you fused it with cloth you should be able to make a mask and put their face on your face ! I think I went too far there…

this has bee mentioned before… i like it!!!

You guys know you have to comment your opinion. That is the whole point of forums and the only way suggestions on the forum might ever be noticed by game devs.

We want staked heads!!!

In the past this usually showed up as having the skulls labeled with their previous owner in inventory, but with our faces becoming distinct, mounting the head might make more sense–or least as an alternative to skulls.

Maybe you harvest with a cutting tool and aim for the neck to sever the head?

I keep the skulls of every person I kill!

I love this idea.

I like this idea. Back when I played Eve Online, I used to keep the frozen corpses of everyone I killed (where I could get to it), and it would always say “Player X’s frozen corpse”. I kept skulls in Rust for a while, but having crates full of anonymous skulls just lots its appeal over time. Having a name attached to the skull or head would be ideal.

i posted about collecting some kind of trophy about a month ago. i didn’t get a lot of support i hope you get better results.

I wouldn’t mind building effigies of severed limbs and skulls similar to how The Forest does it, I mean, we already got cannibalism so why not?

Oh yeah, totems would rock in rust. Start with a simple pole that has inventory slots. Slotted items (skulls, severed parts) would then show up on the pole. Really emphasize your “Keep Away” sign.

It would be cool that when we click on it, on the skull, the name of the guy you killed appear.

(Sorry, my english sucks)

Yep, than you can sell head to it’s owner.

How about an “impale” option when equipping a spear and the other guy is “wounded”? The victim will be alive for 5 minutes in impaled state.


They won’t be up there for long

Well, suicide is hard with a spear up your …