Collection of all my old shiz.

Shitcakes on Rye! These are badass.


You made some really great poses there

These are great.


Badass Indeed. Great ones as above said.

I love the Abbey Road Metrocops.

they’re really good

Pretty good.

I like all of them. Great work.

Almost all of these are really good! The combine walking through the street kind of sucked be overall nice work.

I have one with combines walking through a street?

He probably mean CP’s :v:

Going through some of my old posts to find my old pics. I found this from ages ago. Apparently I was good once upon a time.

This is one huge bump, hombre.

But hey, you actually predicted twerking!

Haha, ya that was part of a comic I was going to start a while back, but I never was good enough at story boarding