Collection of ideas for new Rust items/features

Hi there Rustplayers and Rust devs,

Hereby i would like to inform you all of a redditpost i made with a collection of all the ideas by the community for new Rust items and features.
I would highly recommend to check it out and collaborate in expanding the post! I will make sure it gets updated often.
I suggest Rust devs also check it out regularly to maybe find some new ideas you didn’t think of :slight_smile:

So here it is:

I hope to hear from you guys and have fun reading the list of ideas :slight_smile:

Yours sincerely,

very pretty thread cant say there is much i disagree with but i think maybe the adittion of clay an brick as a higher level than metal this could be used for more industrial buildings and i think tiers to building and research needs to be added ie cant learn c4 without knowing how to make explosives trying to research could result in a “i dont understand this” or similar