Collection Problems

I am brand new to hosting gmod servers and I have looked all over Google for a solution to this problem. However, I haven’t found anything that explains what I am doing wrong. When I make a collection for my server the models that I have are able to be loaded but, the maps that I have in my collection don’t end up showing in maps *. The weird thing is I do see that the map is being extracted yet it never ends up showing up in the list. I have used other collections tat have been posted on the workshop and the maps worked with those collections. The code that I use to load the collection is +host_workshop_collection 401615. Also, I am running this off of a dedicated server that is running on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. If there is anything else that might help for me to add just let me know.

Does changelevel “map_from_workshop.bsp” work? If so, maps * might just be bugged.

No it doesn’t come up at all and the map is GM Nightmare Church HD. The thing is that map and any other horror map I have tested won’t load through my own collection. When I tested it on a normal map which is gm bigcity it ended up working. Is it possible that those maps only work with certain collections or is it the fact that I have to run it in the horror gamemode for the map to even load?