Collector's Armor (Mass Effect 2)

Collector’s armor ported from Mass Effect 2. FEMALE VERSION IS COMING SOON (WHEN I’M NOT LAZY)


(Was about to release the Blood Dragon but Wraith did it before me)

Headshotter’s lovely picture:

(Weapons and Collectors aren’t included)

TheManest’s tasty picture:

The model is in HL2 Skeleton but the .phys are flexible. If you don’t like it, replace it with the HL2 Citizens .phys.

Bioware: Model and game
Biotoxsin: Porting Collector’s armor
Srgt. Shotup: Rigging
Me: Testing and tweaking stuff
Headshotter: Also testing it and making a picture of it


well that’s surprising,

awesome job, I love seeing more mass effect stuff

This is poser headshotter, and this is my favorite model on Facepunch.


Awesome job.

Looks amazing, I love that armor.


Hello :v:

Hi, thanks for the model. :3:

can somebody send me the link for the blood dragon armor?

Its somewhere around in the RELEASE section.

Again awesome work to all of you that worked on it!

use filefront please !! :slight_smile:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Garry's Mod" - Benji))

Oh yeah, I know what I meant to ask. Do you plan on making a Krogan model at some point? The one out there now isn’t that good.

No you filthy pirate.

Awesome :slight_smile:

Buy Garry’s Mod please !! :slight_smile:
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why haven’t you been banned yet? I’ve seen multiple threads where you asked for filefront links meaning you pirated garrysmod

I’ve seen my bro play Mass Effect and part of Mass Effect 2. So I thought the Geth and Collectors always looked cool, thats why I’m downloading this.


Arrggghhh, stupid pirate.

Why are you calling the_matador a pirate?
Ripping models from other game is exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt mind a filefront link or some other hosting site, Im not using garrys mod, but i am using models from this site in other games.

I think the same thing that you therefore they criticize me…