Colliding Ropes

Can you make the ropes (and everything else that’s ropy) able to collide?

There has been several times now that I have needed the ropes to collide (making nets and stuff like that).


Uhh I think that would really lag, It would most likely be a ragdoll or something…

Why would it lag? And what about a ragdoll?

But think of the possibilities: winding ropes around wheels and motors will allow you to store a lot of energy that can the be released quickly, several ropes can also be twisted around themselves to create more tension (this can be used for ballistics and catapults), and so much more.

It’s been suggested before but it would take far more change to the rope code than will realistically have a chance of happening.

The only way I can see it being possible is by ballsocketing a load of small rope-piece props or having a ragdolled section of rope repeated. Both would lag considerably more than the current rope. The problem with both is that you can only have rope that’s a multiple of a certain base length.

smashball has ropes that collide with world, which makes it 50% better

Yes, it would lag loads.
Impossible in multiplayer.

It would lag, but i’ve wanted collideable rope for so long.
(To make a drawbridge! :P)

And think of the abusability.


Good point. :frowning:

Unless I’m mistaken all Source ropes ‘collide’ with the world but only cosmetically of course.

Unless Smashball lets you wrap ropes round pillars and have it behave like you’d expect. I haven’t played it.

what do you mean?

if ropes colided with everything, then people could spam them and make it imposable to move.

They do behave like you would expect. Whatever catches the rope is like a cutoff point, and your swing will be shortened.

Lagging ropes + Minges = Not good

If you could spawn dynamite, people could put it on spawn and make it impossible to move. Everything in GMod is abusable. I don’t really think saying a sandbox extension would be too abusable makes sense. Something that is actually too abusable is something like a global banlist anyone can add to. Or any sort of global banlist at all. I’m starting to digress from the thread topic.

Personally I just use ropes like they behave now, to keep 2 points below a certain distance apart, or to keep them the same distance apart. Having them collide with the world and my props would hinder me somewhere down the line. If there was a checkbox in the rope tool to make the ropes collide with things, then that’s fine, so I can leave it unticked.

Then again I’m probably talking biased because I don’t want to use ropes for winches or pulleys or anything like that.

I’m not a rope-abuser, but that feature could be handy.

Use a pulley. It’s essentially the same thing. (Does GMod still have pulleys? I forgot)

Why don’t you guys just make a ragdolled rope if you want it so much? You can use about 20 subdivisions and can just weld it to each part.
Just export several sizes and you will be set.

Those tend to be really heavy as opposed to their size.

I actually believe that theres a rope ragdoll in the EP2 spawn menu