Colliding Ropes

I think it would be a pretty cool feature to have the ropes like, collide with objects & players. Like an option to check in the options in the Q menu. Ex: a rope is set up across a road, a speeding jeep comes down it & hits the rope, thus stopping the car. I understand this may be pretty hard to code… So this is just a suggestion

I second this. THIS IS NEEDED.

Yeah, this suggestion keeps getting back each month, and each month there’s someone who says it’s impossible.

It is. Unless we can create a physical prop entity for a rope then it’s impossible.

not impossible, impractical to the greatest…

really the only way I see it being possible is if a ragdoll is used

I think if it’d be a very small ragdoll which is a little bit elastic and the ends welded to eachother. so you’d create a large rope. just the longer it gets the more welded rope ragdolls appear. It’d most probably lag like hell but it works. I hope this gets implemented one way or another. and please let it be calculated clientside because one server can’t handle all of the physics calculation done when that kind of ropes enter the game.

I said it in the last post and I’ll say it again.
Imagine the lag of welding several ragdolls together and thrusting it onto the ground.

The entity in Hammer has the option to collide with stuff, so… It should be doable.

The most practical way I can think of to make “colliding ropes” (via Lua) would be to spawn several cheap objects (IE 8-poly blocks) and rope them together systematically, and then make the props invisible.

Perhaps have a variable method of defining the “rope density,” or how many blocks are roped together. The higher the rope density, the laggier the ropes will become, but the more realistic the rope collisions will become. Likewise, if you have a really short rope, you can have a low density (the objects would be spaced evenly along the length of the full rope) because the objects will be so closely spaced that higher density would be irrelevant.

The question is: does anyone want this system? I could do it; it’d be a pretty easy system, really.

Would be nice if the rope was a Prop, But that would be a bitch to just…nevermind I’ll shutup

Rope soda cans together, make cans invisible.


EP2 included ragdoll electric wires for a puzzle. Ones you could grab with the gravity gun.