Collision fixes?

Greetings all! First time poster here in the Facepunch Forums.

I have been playing Rust for well over 400 hours now and have noticed a few issues. Animal and Rain collisions are, honestly, crap.

  1. If its raining outside, well, its raining inside. You don’t get wet, but the animation is there.

  2. Animals walk/run trough, walls, rocks, and other objects that, honestly, should not be able to run/walk through. I can’t count how many times I have been on the first floor of my base and a bear or wild dog comes through the walls and kills me. Or a deer just kinda saunters through, pausing long enough to stick its head through the foundation to nibble at the grass underneath.

I love where the game is going, but can we get some fixes for some things that are currently in game?

(Off topic)Oh, and where is my chainsaw? We can use quarries and pumpjacks for those resources, but I still have to manually swing an axe at a tree? No need for flamethrower. Brink on the chainsaw!

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The Ai is all kinds of messed up right now, and fixing it won’t be a priority for a long time.

The rain on the other hand doesn’t have colliders for a reason, rain had colliders a while back, and it hurt fps more then it added anything to the game, so they disabled them as a temporary fix for the poor performance rain had.

They have been doing a lot of work on the rain lately though, and just last update or the update before (can’t remember which one) they managed to get the rain to look really good while not hurting fps at all, so they might even add colliders back to the rain soon. I wouldn’t think adding colliders to the rain would be an important feature at all though, so they might not bother for a while as there’s far more important features in the works right now.

The animal situation though definately needs to be resolved. Don’t like watching bears, horses, deer, and wild dogs wandering trough my house.