Collision hulls getting centered on model instead of staying where they should [WWMT & 3DS]

I’m using 3DS Max 2012 and Wall Worm Model Tools to create my model. I’ve managed to get the model ingame (Garry’s Mod) but the collision hulls fall apart like they are all separate objects and only one stays attached to the model.
When I view it in HLMV it shows the collision hulls are all centered on the model (incorrect). In 3DS they are all in the correct locations (ie, matching the model).

I’ve made a video of what it looks like in HLMV, working on an in-game video now.

If anyone knows why this is happening I’d be really appreciative of some help.

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Automerge pls:

This is what happens in in game:

I’m getting closer to making this work.

I created a bone in the center, added a skin modifier to each hull piece and linked them to the bone. Then unticked ‘Rotate origin’ in the WWMT options. Now they are all correctly relative to each other, but the whole collision hull is rotated 90 degrees.

I’m going to rotate the bone now and that should solve everything I hope.

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Got it working, rotating the bone made no difference, I had to group the hull pieces together, rotate them, then ungroup them and recompile.

Solution to my original problem of them coming apart: skin them to a bone.

skin the reference mesh to the same bone.

Ohhhhhh that makes sense. Thanks, I will remember that for the next model.