Collision model is higher than the actual model in Garry's mod.

Okay so I just compiled a model and the collision model is above the actual model so that the bottom half of the model is clipping through the ground.
Here’s a picture:

Here’s my qc:

$modelname BIKEZ/SpecializedRoadie.mdl
$cdmaterials Models/BIKEZ/specialized

$scale 3.275

$body mybody "roadref.smd"


$surfaceprop "metal"

$sequence idle "roadidle.smd" loop fps 15

$collisionmodel "roadphys.smd" {
     $Mass 10

		"base"		"Metal.Base"

anyone know how i can fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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Ehh, Nevermind, I guess I have to make the reference model in the same space the actual reference model is in. I went to the max. file that the reference model was in and I made a box in the same place and put it into another max file and did everything else to make it a collision model and I fixed it. Thanks for looking anyway.

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