Collision model just turns 90 degrees.

I have rigged a car. And last problem I got is collision model of it. Whenever I either auto generate or make collision model it just turns collision model by 90 degrees.

It just rotates it all the time. And when I manually turn it by 90 degrees in 3ds max and use at collision model. Then it shows in mdl viewer normally while in game still acts rotated.

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I have applied skin modifier of collision model to main bone same as main car.

Skin the collision model to the base bone(or all of the bones, if you have a complex collision mesh, like wheels having their own collisions etc.), and export it with including that(or those) bone(s), that should fix the problem.

That’s an automatically generated phymodel. Just use your reference model for collision in your *.qc instead of phymodel.smd and studiomdl.exe will recreate the exact same phymodel.

Either way you should make a new phymodel, as vehicle phymodels shouldn’t/don’t need to have collision segments on their wheels.

I got it done. Turns out it was rotated for some reason on specific animations.