Collision Model Weirdness

I’m having some weird problems with my model’s collision model. For some reason it spawns absolutely massive and falls really slowly through the air. I made another model at the same time and it came out fine, using basically the same qc files for both of them. The correct model is also the right size, but in Max both models are roughly the same size. GUI Studio MDL gives me this when I compile the wonky model.

WARNING: Bad collision model, check your smoothing groups!!!
WARNING: Truncating model!!!
WARNING: F:/My Skins/bigshoota/bigshoota_phys.smd has bad smoothing groups
Model has 1 convex sub-parts

What does this mean? The collision boxes for both models are just two rectangles each, but for some reason one of them goes weird.

Smooth it, assign texture should work.

Smooth it? like apply a smoothing modifier? It’s just two rectangles, it shouldn’t need smoothing. I’ll try it anyway

smoothing group

Nope, no difference.

Maybe if you’d tell me exactly how to apply a smoothing group…

Bump for useful responses? Maybe one’s that are more than two words?

Make sure the whole collision model is using one and the same smoothing group. That’s like required for collision models.

How do I apply said smoothing group? (I’m using 3ds Max)

Use weld

If the collision model is larger than your model (as in alot bigger) check you haven’t put the $scale command below your $model/body command (as that would do it).

Just use the reference smd as your collision model, source will do all that for you. :l

That’s what I normally do, but note this only works for props, if your making a ragdoll you’ll still need to make a collision model for it.

Don’t weld the elements together, just attach them. Then select all the faces and scroll down the editable poly/mesh modifier until you find the smooth groups. Click clear all, then click 1. Click and drag any texture onto the model and export.

Ive done that, and there’s no errors in the compile anymore, but it still does the same problem; massive model, floaty physics

What’s the mass set to?

It’s set to 1

It’s weird, the other model i made that works has no mass entry in the qc, but it works fine. I’ve tried compiling this model with mass and no mass, and i still get the same problem, even though i made both models in exactly the same way.

Ive tried using the collision model from the working model, but that gives me the same problem too.

Try upping the mass, I use 100 mass for everything and they seem to even themselves out to be about right to size (which is weird).

Well, it kinda falls a little faster with mass 100, but it’s still gigantic :c