Collisions in Propper

I’m having some trouble with Propper (the in-hammer modelling tool). I made a physics bus model, with 2 entrances, but it looks like the bus is covered in a “collision box”, the player can’t get in thru the entrances. I tried making a giant hollowed cube with an entrance and that worked fine. The entities on both projects have the same settings. What’s wrong with my bus?

Make it a func_detail and use brushes textured with the “clip” texture to make the collisions manually.

Yes, I also tried that as a tutorial had shown but it didn’t work. :confused:

Set the prop_info to have concave collisions

It was set to “yes” as I remember.

Right. You have too many concave pieces most likely, causing studiomdl to shrink-wrap it.
Try using clips but make it optimized.
Must be less that 40 clip brushes IIRC

Right, I’ll try that tomorrow cuz I’m on my cellphone. And yeah, I believe it has more than 40 pieces of clip.

As long as Propper works with OB, you can have 128 pieces to your collision model.

I saw something in studiomdl one time that was like “more than 48 concave collision sub-parts, expensive collisions!”
And it came out shrink wrapped.

120 dynamic collision pieces that work perfectly.

So the 40 pieces is not the problem… What is it then? :S


I’m also getting this:

Material models/vehicles/buses/bus_01/decalglasswindow003a does not support vertex format used by the mesh (maybe missing fields or mismatched vertex compression?), mesh will not be rendered. Grab a programmer!


But I believe it has nothing to do with the collisions.


Ok something is really wrong here, I have set my model’s propertie “Produce Collisions?” to no and everything is the same. What the hell?

I assume it’s 128, like the bone limit.

HiddenMyst, while compiling through other methods may work with 128, I’ve used Propper before with over 40 pieces to a collision model and had similar shrink-wrapping problems. Plus if a bus has more than 40 collision pieces it’s probably too much or the brushwork isn’t being done as well as it could.

As for the material error, it looks like you’re using a decal texture and I don’t think Propper is set up to compile those properly.

Simplify the collisions as much as you can and try again.

What do you mean by simplifying the collisions? :S

Tie everything you have in the vmf to a funk_detail (this tells propper not to use it for the collision). Then create a separate simple collision model with the clip material, make it as basic as possible and leave it as world brushes.

If the collision is simple enough it should compile without any futher issues. :dance:

Well, Propper outputs the SMDs and QC, so just run the QC through StudioMDL and you’ll be set.