Colonel Mejshrafir; First Vortigaunt Assault Battalion

Mej-shra-feer; to help you pronounce it.

Ignore that other thread, this is a real post, not some crap post filler.

An addition to my Vortigaunt pictures. I am hoping to go far more tribal with the group (tattoos, makeshift weaponry, etc.)

This is fucking awesome. I love it.

I think that’s a first from you. :slight_smile:

On second thoughts the picture is too bright and washed out. I absolutely despise this piece of work.

… nah. I Still love it.

I was planning to do some cool Vortigaunt pose, since nobody else seems to pose them, but then you swoop in with this creative idea with plenty of room to do more, and discourage me. But this idea is better than mine, I really hope you continue this idea.




draw the half life symbol somewhere on them

I’d hate to start a fad, but then again, I’d like to see someone elses ideas too.

Sorry to have discouraged you, too. D:


I was thinking more tribal-like, but I could hide it someplace. :slight_smile:

That’s some kickin’ rad storytellin’ you got there.

I have a writing talent.


Name sounds almost Arabic… Cool.

Though the picture lack action or anything that could really be eye catching, it has a good read to go with it. So good work.

Also, bump. You’re welcome.

Hot damn. That is a delicious storyline you got going on there.

Incredibly epic work, and the storyline is a plus.

Perfect. awesome serious face

Oh my, not a single reply after thirteen hours


Yep dude nice work and nice use of half life story-line !