Colonial marine manages to sneak up on a predator

This one was really fun to make.

I made a ‘previous’ picture of a marine sneaking up on him… Look if you want
No editing there though.

Blood looks like one of my default brushes

How the fuck did he do that?

lol concept is bad and blood too, but i like your pics dude
btw is there anything from you that is not about aliens or predators?!?!?!?!!?

Also, he isn’t pulling the trigger.

I like them :ohdear:

GoldenBullet’s done a ton of awesome shit that doesn’t have to do with Aliens or Predators.

yeah me too…

The lighting is nice and the flash is quite decent. The blood kinda lacks depth though and the posing on the Marine is pretty shoddy. To get a bit of depth in your blood, try dodging and burning it as light would hit it.

Blood kinda ruins it, but I do think it’s a good picture.

if the blood was at the front of the head more it’d be good, but otherwise i think it’s good