Colonial Marines / Aliens.

I was wondering of anybody could make a new alien skin, the AvP 2 one is really crappy, Predators and their gear are always welcome… But I am mostly looking for the 'M41A Pulse Rifle" And Possibly Colonial Marines, And ofcourse a better quality Alien… Possible extras could be a dropship, APC etc… I know there has been a need and want for these for long, So It is probably a shot in the dark, I know… But still. Oh, And… Please =]

If you guys really want an M41A I can make that my next project, if there are no other ones available.

There is one of Fps Banana for Counter Strike I believe, But FPS is dead and always dies… If you can make that and POSSIBLY (If you wish, :wink: ) the rest like the Smartgun and flamethrower and whatnot that would be very sweet. The only one avaible is from AvP2 and is horrible quality. If you do this, Thank you alot in return GordoFremen =] Here… If you can make that into a Gmod Swep anybody that would be nice !