Colonial Marines from Aliens series

I was wondering if anyone has any models or ragdolls of some of the Colonial Marines from the Aliens series? Thanks in advance.


Unnecesarry bump? No? Yes?

How about you do a ragdoll search on that gmod website

Not too sound like an asshole here, but you think I haven’t already?

     Not to sound like an asshole either but some people actually do a lot of searching for certain things before posting a thread, including me because these models do not exist and I would love to have them.

Colonial marines are so goddamn popular that I’m pretty sure if those models would exist you would find them in few seconds.

wait for the new alien game

But sadly they don’t.

Wait, has anyone ported anything from the last Aliens Vs Predators game?

Yeah, I did a bunch of guys. Never finished the flexes for the last two though.

Do you plan on releasing them?

I hope so ^.^
hope that helps

Thank you for your contribution, but I was asking for the Colonial Marines. Thanks for trying to help though. Those models would be great for scaring my friend.


remember that? yeah that’s why i put it there but no ive seen some marines being done but no info yet I’d ask around for some rippers so they can help

found that thread

warning that thread is OLDER and posting there may get a bunch or piss heads coming after you so you’ve been warned
-Dante Almark

Yeah for some reason, this thread is hard to find:
I have to upload the models again (they are only the 3d meshes with the bump maps) no don’t ask me to rig them because I only just got garrys mod and to be honest, I am a little tired of the child who love being internet gangstas trying to give me crap because they are not as great as they would like them to be.

I’ve already gotten them, thanks to Fury. Thanks for trying to be helpful, though.