Colonial Marines in deep shit.

ChestyMcGee edited.


A damn good use of in-game lighting made this a joy to edit.

Very nice. I love your pictures.

Muzzleflash looks bad.

Looks awesome, original?

The rimlighting on the shooting marine’s helm looks weird.

What models are those?

They’re the Crysis Marines. That isn’t rimlighting - the models just have really dumb phong on the helmets.

Thanks everyone. Added original to the OP.

Dem Marines

Alien pics are always awesome.

Poor low res Alien :frowning: Don’t worry, you’ll be updated soooon.

I like it, but has anyone ever stopped to think the Aliens just want either a hug, or to communicate? The tongues…must link with your brain :smiley:

Don’t give ideas to Demoniclemon :ohdear:

Faceposing is off. Whered you get that sweet looking pulse rifle skin?

go back to slof’s hive you weirdo

It needs more acid blood.

nifty pic you’ve got there.

Very nice.
When it said “Colonial”, I was expect pilgrims.

I loved the Alien movies, so this is like my all time favorite picture in the world.

Thank you.

Outstanding work Ilwrath and Chesty!

Somebody needs to work on porting the models from the demo /offtopic
Anyways, this pose is damn amazing, I love the alien franchise!