Colonial Marines searching for survivors

Sorry for the low JPG quality.

Looks like we’ll see a squad searching for them soon.

Must’ve been hell of an orgy, there’s cum dripping from everywhere…

Where do people keep getting these models?

I ve got these models form fury_161 and I reskined them.

No way that grandpa is in field duty.

Allegedly fury_161 used Bulletstorm heads.
That reminds me, gotta PM him.

According to AVP, Sgt. Kaneko was in his 60’s and still serving, so I see no reason why this guy can’t still be in the service.

Sgt Kaneko must have been one healthy 60-year-old.

Future… stuff.

F-ing A! Totally nice but the blood…
Anyway you got a nice model. Even though I want to rig them, now the link containing 3ds max files is dead. Maybe I should capture Dropship with 3d ripper and compile it. We all love dropship, ain’t ya?

Is that a map or a scene build

There’s a map for CS:S.

It’s called zm_lv426 and is downloadable from Toybox.