Colonies Improved

Check out from on in for my updates, since I couldn’t be arsed writing out my update progress all over again.

Who-ee. Would ya’ look at that.
Erectin’ an svn.

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into your Subversion client.

Okay guys, I want to make a few points.

  1. You are free to modify this as you wish (of course, reserve all credits to the respective people - that is, danharibo for the base, me for the improvements). However, I would prefer if you didn’t distribute it to other people (I’d prefer to keep track of who has it - if they want it, just redirect them to me!).

2)Above all, if you make any modifications, do NOT distribute these. I will be releasing constant updates for this, and your modifications will most likely clash and cause errors, result in untold levels of mix-up and hoohaa. Instead, send them to me. If I think they’re good - that is, if you’re just messing about with the variables, it’s not really worth it - but if you’re adding new code in for them to do something else, I’d be more than happy to accept it. All due credit will be given. Since such a project is hard to do for one person, a lot of contributors will be able to help tremendously.

  1. If you have any suggestions, please, please email me. I am, or if you’re shy, just PM me on Facepunch.
    If you’re one of the alpha testers, I would really appreciate it if you emailed me as well. While having fun with the improvements, remember to test it thoroughly, and report back on your findings. Of course, you can include your suggestions as well. Please divide your email into sections - one for bugs (remember to give as much information about the context as you can), one for your suggestions, and if you want, you can thank me as well :v:.
    Also, please title your email as follows:
    If you’re a beta tester, title = “Colonies - Beta Tester report - <yourname>”. If you’re just sending a suggestion/suggestions, title = “Colonies - Suggestion(s) from <yourname>”.

Thank you very much, and enjoy. Alpha IS UP. Well don’t that beat all.

-Update: 27/07/10-

Okay, I should be coming out with another update soon.

This one includes a proper, albeit simplified, metabolism system for animals. They have a glucose, fat, and protein supply. When their glucose (blood sugar) runs out, they must burn their fat. Eventually they metabolize their own protein.
This is to enable more realistic situations and will help the headcrabs live longer. For now, protein does little except provide a last ditch energy source and supply baby headcrabs.
Headcrabs now also have more intelligent eating habits. They will only eat if a watermelon is not already claimed by another headcrab - unless they are extremely hungry, in which case they will eat it anyway.

I can’t really do any bugfixes at the moment… I’m still not sure what the bugs are, or even if I can fix them (lua limitations being what they are).



Why not have dominant and recessive traits, like in real genetics? Here are some examples: Link. Every creature will have 2 alleles of a certain gene. If it has any dominant it will have the dominant trait, but if it has 2 recessive it will have the recessive trait. A Punnet square will better explain this:
The trait for white flowers is recessive(b), and the trait for purple flowers is dominant(B). So the offspring of these 2 plants have a 75% chance of being purple, and a 25% chance of being white.
I haven’t studied Biology in over a year now so I might have some of that stuff wrong.

Lol, GCSE Biology ftw.

Unfortunately, I can’t do this as yet. Headcrabs reproduce asexually, so no gametes are involved.

I read gamemates…

Lol, headcrabs are little cells. Would be cool to have them reproduce sexually though. If you stick enough gene types in them they could actually evolve, 2 different colonies could have vastly different traits.

Couldn’t you just randomize this? (If this seems liek a stupid post plox no hate!)But other than that Continuous FTW.
And for a name call it in my opinion it should be called “Super awesome real Colonies For the win IN LUA” but that is just me :frowning:

You haters :frowning:

I guess the results are pretty conclusive. Continuous it is.
This will increase the amount of data for it, though.

Anyways, next idea for implementation is to set up slots. So for instance, a headcrab will have 5 slots for different genes (e.g. faster movement). Then a number associated for each allele to denote the magnitude of it (obviously within certain bounds). The magnitude will be more subject to mutations and fluctuations within the inheritance system.

What d’you guys think? Ideas and suggestions for the aforementioned proposal, as well as any others, are all very welcome (based on the assumption that they are at least a little useful).

I was reading the update thing you posted … is there going to be cooperation within the colonies(as in antlion have maters and soldiers,etc.)? I didn’t read that if so. :frowning:

This would be a good idea, Corhunger. However, it’s not the current priority. Going down on the todo list though.

Maybe allys? as in, 2 colonys are near each other, and sometimes there friendly agenst each other?

that thay even coop, one needs food badly, then thay can pick some up near there friendlies?

I think they have first to define that its ‘their’ food

True, maybe some kind of gather place? where each colony gathers every recource, as food.

Maybe later you can expand it even to make there own litle town, city, planet, UNIVERSUM!

You know how complex it will get? I mean that they will start to create their food place, ok! Maybe make it similar to ants? Like they start to gather food at one place, the queen makes eggs, and workers are getting that said food?

Lots of ideas here guys. Most of them good.
Keep ‘em comin’.

I like the idea of having them work like ants, ants are simple organisms but their swarm intelligence works really well.

Yes, so do I. At the moment, I’m focussing on the genetics system. All in good time.

I think they should have a nest.

Nothing too complicated, of course. Just a sort of base/structure/area they can bring the food they forage back to to feed and improve the colony. If there wasn’t a home base, the headcrabs would just be nomads living wherever their food source goes and they wouldn’t develop advanced civilizations like the ants.

Just my two cents.

And hey, having a base to drop off food can create neat little headcrab lines that go on for large distances, like ants.