This is my second gamemode and I hope you like it :slight_smile:
At its base, Colonies is an infection gamemode, but with a twist. All players are spawned as infectors but on different teams. The goal is to get everybody on your team by killing them which ends the round.
Colonies needs at least two players, but the more the merrier. At the start of the round, all players are spawned in on different teams with a random color. Once you kill someone, they then are on your team. When all other teams have been eliminated and only one stands, that team wins and a 30 second break time happens. During this break time, players are able to shoot off fireworks, confetti, and blow horns in a way of celebration. All players have extremely weak weapons, but low health to try and increase the chaotic environment. Players any time during the round can open up the loadout menu(F4) to change their primary, secondary, or power. Once they die and respawn, they will spawn with their new loadout. Powers are abilities with cooldowns that help the player out in some way. These are activated by pressing G and can be things like Kamikaze, which blows yourself up and everyone around you, and health regen, which gives you back a bar of health. At the end of a round, a neat graph is shown along with the color of the winning team, this graph shows the growth and decay of teams as they fight for power.

Cool End Graph

The x-axis is player deaths, and along the y it shows the players per team.

Awesome Fireworks!

Colorful Team Changing

Swagadelic Team Menu

Loadout Menu

Kamikaze Power In Use

Custom Spawn Locations for Servers

Custom Spawns for Non-Server Players

You can download the gamemode below or subscribe to it on steam here :
I recommend that if you are downloading this for a server, download the one below as it is easier to add custom spawns

Now go have some fun!

Cool man. A lot of new learners can reverse eng this and learn shit.

I like

This actually sounds like fun, and it’s unique too! I’ll have to play it soon.

Well I’m glad you guys like it :smile:

Wow seems like a lot of fun, and the name seems fitting, not entirely sure why, but it just does.

sounds cool and looks cool

I just updated Colonies and added some sweet new stuff. 3 new weapons and 5 new powers!

New Weapons!

New Powers!

Map suggestion

Is there a server up for this gamemode right now?

Setting up a server for it should be done tomorrow :slight_smile: looks really cool.

This is pretty sweet to say the least. Simple but it gets me excited!

Considering it’s up on steam workshop can the code be released on github so others can easily contribute and/or read the code?

Stargazer please. made a server for this gamemode, added a leveling system also have fun :slight_smile: hey owner come on whenever ill give you whatever you need.

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I would be completely fine with putting it on github, I will see what I can do.

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*Hey guys! The github code for Colonies is up if you wanna go check it out : *

**If you LOVE, or like, Colonies, then it would be totally tubular if you could tell some of your buddies about it! Because if you like it, chances are that others will like it too! And once the ball will get rolling, servers will pop up, and everyone will just have a great time, and it would help me out a bunch too! It’ll be mutual relationship, like how those pilot fish help out sharks ** :slight_smile:

I love your work, however the End Graph is atrocious. Maybe that could be the next “update”. I mean, I literally spent about 5-10 min trying to comprehend it. I understood what it was trying to show in the beginning, but something about it is just off. At least for me anyways.

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Adjusting the winning team’s color to be at the top, with the other teams in a descending order, would make it much easier to open up and quickly see who is in the lead. Also maybe an icon or indication at the end of a colonies life line. As in, when one team dies out, have a red X at the end of their colored graph line.

I see where you’re coming from and I should have labeled it or something along the line. I could make two graphs, one that’s easier to see like what you said and the other would by the one I made. It shows the growth and decay of the number of people in a group. At the start, all teams have one, but as teams get taken out, their bar of color gets smaller and smaller. Don’t worry I’ll mess around with it, and the graph of the first round is messed up for some reason I don’t know, but all rounds after that it’s fine.