Colonization - Dude looking out a viewport

Listen to the moosik.


The scenebuild:

Part 1 in the colonization series.

First scenebuild, use of texturing and other fancy stuff.

Comment, rate, criticism and such!

…please? :3:

I like it, rated artistic.


Pretty cool. Nice scenebuild and the editing is okay too.

The hands of the citizen are tad horrible but thats not your fault.

Looks pretty cool, I like the small details like the citizen reflection on the glass.

Posing looks off, for some reason.

This is nice. You deserve an artistic.

looks good, but reflection looks too flat
and why is it only reflecting his face?

The reflection is a bit strange, and their are NO stars in the sky, the only reason it wasn’t perfect.

There is, only not very visible. I could change that.

The glass is blue, so is his clothes, again, not very visible.

I can change this as well.

If I turn my monitor’s brightness up, I can see the stars and the reflection better.

This music also comes to mind :buddy:

I’m looking forward to more in this series.

I have now made changes to the screenshot according to the critic. It looks better, doesn’t it?

WHy is there grenade on the scene build pic?

If you easy weld a preferably small prop to a ragdoll’s limb, in this case the head, I can use the prop to ‘steer’ the ragdoll’s head in whatever direction I want instead of being restricted by the ragdoll itself.

oh my gawd nice one

looks like he’s humping the glass