Colonization, Pose by me; Edit by DmGaina

I did the sun and some of the preliminary editing, but he really did most of it.

Hehehe…the Male on the right looks like an amputee. Pleasant Vista.

Colonize the sun?
Good luck.

that is a dark sun

Wouldn’t looking at the sun be somewhat…blinding?

They’re wearing shades.

Epic editing, chick looks almost drawn. I don’t exactly know if that’s a good or a bad thing but I like the element in the picture

They’re colonizing that brown planet. :c

not if you have magical eyes :slight_smile:
twinkle twinkle

Fight Club

Inspired by Pandorum?

Burning is a little excessive.

Or burning perhaps?

If I look at it now, I could do it better.

But yeah, cute pose :3