Colony Gamemode

I love the colony, so much, in fact that I want to join them. But that probably won’t happen. So why not have a gamemode that gives you an experience as close to their situation as possible?

======== IDEAS ========
The ability to have REAL animal npcs would be excellent. Then killing them could create a ragdoll that can decay over time. It could also be striped of meat by using a knife. The npcs could range from fish in rivers or ponds, to deer and bores.

I don’t like the physgun. It’s very unrealistic. If there was a way to build in a similar fashion that we do when building, but also keeping it relatively simple, that would be great. Parts could be scavenged from broken things or things already in the map. Probably more would have to be spawned in random locations over time, but it would have to be very slow.
I also hoped that weapons could be made using a realistic electrics system (ie welding, fire starting, shocking, etc). That means that the wire mod wouldn’t work. Another way to make weapons is binding sharp objects to things like sticks to create things like spears.

I want there to be no hud, so that the player is only aware of their condition, NOT their health. If a player gets sick, they would change color slightly and cough, NOT be told they’re sick.

I was hoping that any physical impact with sharp objects could result later on in meningitis or something like that. Also, viral outbreaks that could spread from person to person would be cool.

Enough said.

Any additional ideas would be appreciated.

Hope this mod findes place would be super duper awesome :slight_smile:

are you able to work on this as well raubana? if so i might be interested, i love the show “The Colony” I applied to be on s03 :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like this idea. I have never seen “The Colony”, but it looks like a good show. I hope this idea will be developed into an awesome game type.

You might be onto something. :golfclap:

Worst Film ever.