Colony Pack (Platform pack v2)

[tab]Description[/tab]Two maps for building contraptions
Nodes on sky map
Custom textures
Epic skybox
Epic lighting
Epic potential for fun

Now, go out and use that epic potential for fun!
In laymans terms:
Have fun
In minge terms:
lawl goo huve sum fon wif dees mmmmk?

Ooooo…This looks…Intresting…

In a good… or… bad way…

To me this looks sexy in a good way

Also, nice avatar.

I think you’re missing some textures because this is what gm_colonies looks like to me…

And, thanks, I like my avvy :slight_smile:

In a good of course. I just have to wait till my Gmod finishs reinstalling to give it a whirl…

Also, to the Texture Error above…Holy freakin crap…Thats a LOTA purple…

Aww snap… guess i misunderestimated some stuff. Oh geez sorry guys
Fix is on the way, sorry for the misinconvenience

Fix is delayed, as i cannot seem to upload files

It needs less repetive textures.

Repetitive in what way?
The textures do not have flaws, so there is no blotchy repeating

If isn’t working for you, could you upload to filefront or something? This looks good, and I don’t want to disappoint myself with a textureless version.

Also, are you bspzipping the textures, or just putting them in the upload?

fucking hell
I know this maps good but

fucking hell
I know this maps good but

fucking hell
I know this maps good but

Kingy, why and how the hell did you do that?

You answered that question yourself my friend

You answered that question yourself my friend

Hey cool automerge is back!;13747703;/fileinfo.html
New, fixed version;13747703;/fileinfo.html
New, fixed version

you know, i relesed the first platform map (It was crap I know, new one in progress)then everyone copies me

wow… dude… i have always wanted to make a bespin platforms map. :siren:you map did not cause me to want to make it! It just reminded me of it! I think my map inspired other platform maps not yours!:siren:

I just played both of your guy’s maps back to back. Laptop did not “copy” your map. He built it from scratch. They are only similar because they are both floating platforms made for colonies. The ideas are the same, but the maps are completely different.

You should actually feel good about inspiring laptop to start working on an idea he already had.
Anyone can make whatever they want. Nobody holds the “rights” to a specific type or configuration of map.

If anything, you guys should work together and make an uberplatform map that puts any others to shame.