I haven’t searched all the forums but I just wanted to bring up something that would greatly help me, as well as others that are in my condition. I am red-green colorblind and I have noticed that if you don’t have enough supplies the requirements are in red. And when you have enough supplies the requirements are in green. I have a hard time telling the difference between the two. A simple fix would be anything that is color coded green/red could be swapped for green/purple.

If colorblindness mode is on swap the colors of the red texts with purple text. I am doing okay with everything so far, so keep up the great work!

probably better to make it even clearer by having missing requirements have a cross covering the inventory symbol.

Is it possible to group all information about color blindness in order to supply good documentation about it to the developers?

Don’t have too much experience with color blindness, but I do know there are a lot of different versions of it.
I am unsure how many games actually keep this in mind. Only times I encountered it was for specific websites and a friend, for whom it was difficult to see which poker chips to use :wink:

I quess most colors are variable, so implementing a color blind version should not be that difficult, but might not make it priority-wise.

I am fairly sure developers would know what they have to do to add color blind modes to a game… it’s a good point to note for devs to add it tho.

how does being color blind work? what color do u see when u look at red and green colored things? black and white??

Trudy, think less color range. The spectrum is more narrow. So you dont get as much distinction between subtle colors you otherwise would. What the original poster means is Color Disorder. There are very few people in the world with actual Color Blindness.

it has been mentioned before, and the devs are likely aware, just not a high priority at this time:)

I have a question I’ve always been meaning to ask. Given that the color white is made of up the entire visible spectrum of light, does that imply you cannot see pure white? You would instead see some shade of blue or yellow or something yes? Also, given that you essentially just see different shades of yellow and blue as a result of the absence of red and green, does your color perception or perception of the world feel mundane? Do you ever feel like there “should” be more color or has the brain just filtered it out? Can you comprehend in your mind how green or red might look like?

hard one to answer. how would someone describe “white” to someone else. it looks like it looks, and that could even be that one person sees all whites as green, but has been taught to say that that “green” is white.

physiology wise, the light reactive cells at the back of the eye don’t distinguish as well between green and red tones, so they all look alike to some degree.