Color Correction maps?

Hi Facepunch. :smile:

I just love posing, I can’t help it, though I’m not good, but here’s my problem : I always play in Color Correction maps and I know a few of 'em like Oskutin’s, L4D maps ( wich doesn’t work for me) ,Neo tokyo, Pandora, Apartment and Evil_apartement, Gm_rathen,Rp and GM_apocalypse but that’s all I know And I’d like some help for finding some Good Maps wich include the Color correction. :v:

So here’s what I would need, just some CC map names, that would be very kind.

Thank you for your help. :wink:

Hey , sorry to bump the thread, But I’d like an answer. :slight_smile:

Thank you and I apologize for the bump.

So I apologize for that waste, I’m so sorry. :downs:

This belongs in mapping probably… actually this doesn’t even deserve a thread… just post in the off topic thread or something.

You’ve got a in-game color modifier and bloom changer. Use it.

fuk u m8

u wnat sum infrmatin, go 2 prpr seksun m8

Also colourUI