Color correction test 2

I’m not using gmod so much (I never used it so much)

(As you can see I post one gmod video or gmod test every month, maybe this is the cause of my getting worse)

Whatever, this is another test on color correction, did I fail?

That actually looked quite good.

Am I ready to make my first non-test gmod video?

why did this deserve its own thread?
its basic color correction… we can’t tell you when you’re “ready”
also you can get better feed back in this thread

That looked very nice! Let’s see what you can do if you add a person to it, and maybe some action. We can’t get a very good gauge of how good you are by just seeing a panning shot and a pretty sun flare, though, it really wasn’t a lot of content.

Well, If you see in other pages of this section you can find my other tests =)

ps: Sorry for bad english

Sorry, I made a ridiculous question ._.