Color correction test

A color correction test (sony vegas), the map is made by me: A abandoned shack on the dessert…I made it only for this test (I didn’t wasted a lot of time on it, be nice, I am a beginner on making videos and making maps)
No sound lol.

Tell me what I have to fix and suggest me other cinematic effects that I can use.

Sorry for my bad english.

in-game motion blur :barf:

also, vignetting shouldn’t blur anything

regarding CC, it just looks like you tried to make everything yellow

here’s a tip for good CC: fill the luminance range. From deep blacks to bright whites. It needs to not have too much of a specific region.

For example, here, the first one is bad because there are almost no dark regions.

Pretty cool

Uhm…What can I use for the blur?
The yellow is caused by the map, I wronged with the light_environment, I’ll try to fix it and posting some pic with the color correction.
What are the dark region and the region?