Color text effect (sin,cos,tan?!)

How make it effect text color??!!
I don’t know! help me!


Better question: Can you be more specific?

Hey! I think i might know!

You have to change alpha value with math.cos(RealTime() * frequency) * wave!!!
But what frequency do you want!?!?!?!?! That’s up to you!!!

You want it to change color instead of alpha?

It then returns the transparency again

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Maybe in the think hook set the alpha equal to math.abs(math.sin(CurTime() * frequency)) * 255

I like to use 2 as the frequency.

I think you can just what @pqbrown and @gonzalolog said but set it on a the first value in Color and it should blink red, the second value and it would blink green.

Color(math.abs(math.sin(CurTime() * 2)) * 255,0,0)

and that would make it blink red ( I think )
This is untested

HSVToColor( (RealTime() * SpeedOfChangeConstant) % 360, 1, 1)

 HSVToColor( CurTime() % 6 * 60, 1, 1 ) 

This will make it fade smoothly between colors.

It just changes colors, but does not give transparency

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It just changes colors, but does not give transparency

[lua]ColorAlpha(HSVToColor( (RealTime() * SpeedOfChangeConstant) % 360, 1, 1), WhateverAlphaYouWant)[/lua]

If you add alpha remember to put it on a different wave function unless you want it transparent during the same color every period.