Colorable Team Plumbobs

**What is the use for this?
For game modes like Hide and Seek it can sometimes be difficult finding color changing player models or ones that actually look nice.
This gives you the option to be able to use any player model as you can use the Plumbob as your new team indicator.

Plumbobs will only show to people on the team you are on.

Credit for Plumbobs goes to:
Credit for Team code goes to:


So far I can confirm this works with the Hide and Seek gamemode which can be found here:

This is what it looks like in game:

Looks really cool man, nice release

nice addon and now gmod will be 5% more like the sims

the color of Bob should depend on your health, red / green

I just want Sims for Gmod mkay.

Would this work to put a blue bob on the detective in every TTT round?

I haven’t done any testing with TTT yet.