ColoradoRust++ (NEW SERVER) |Denver Based Server|Rust++|PVP|PVP ARENA|Zero Tolerance Admin Abuse|NoobsFriendly|Sleeper|Wipe 3/22

Start your NEW Beginning in Colorado!

Many of us have been there before, starting in a server with a clear mindset, a fresh start, a new beginning. This lasts for a little while, but we start to notice issues, but not enough to deter us from our new life we started. Days go on yet the issue you start seeing are not getting addressed, in fact they are getting worse. “Where are the admins?” You ask yourself. It comes to a point where you have to make a choice, leave what you spend your hard earned time on or suck it up and deal with it.
I don’t want you to have to play like that. I don’t want to see your time spend felt wasted.

In a perfect server we want Zero Hackers, No Admin Abuse, No Lag, No Random/Needless Wipes. Perfection. Now we know that this will never be possible, but my Admins as well as myself will make it as close to that as possible. Perfection. We want your experience to be the best one, and that all you want right?

Myself as well as my Admins come from all over, but we share the same Mission, Vision, and Wildly Important Goals.

Mission: To Deliver the Best Experience on Rust.
Vision: Be the Preferred Server.
Wildly Important Goals: Increase Satisfaction.

A little bit about myself. My IRL name is Alex. I am currently serving Active Duty in the United States Navy. I’ve been doing this gig now for a little over 5 Years. I have a beautiful wife and two children (Girl and Boy). I also have a 4 Month Old German Shepard. Why am I telling you this? Why do I want you to know about my personal life? Because I want you to know that I treat players like an extension of my family. I care about those that dedicate time into my server. Also, being in the military puts me above a lot of those running servers. This isn’t someone can just jump into and expect to run well. Hard work, time, and dedication results in satisfaction. Period. And guess what, I have 3 Active Admins, and they are also in the Armed Forces. We all share this knowledge. We don’t accept anything, but the best. And trust me, we are damn good at it.

I have a total of 7 Admins. These are the rules that I have laid down for them.
- Zero Toleration for Admin Abuse. Immediate removal of Admin Position/Possible Ban.
- Immediate Ban of Hackers/Exploiters.
- Log on at least 2-3/week.
- Reply to ALL questions and be honest.
- Zero Toleration of Lying.

If you’re a Kill on Sight kind of person or you’re a friendly player, we don’t judge. Hell, bring on your best team, we host Arena Style Events all the time. So here we are. You’ve read this far down and what now. Do you switch over to us and leave your past behind? No, you don’t have too. But at least give us a try. Who knows, you just might enjoy your time here.

Additional Perks:
- Rust++
o Door Sharing, PMs, Reply to PMs, Location, Ping, List of Players
- Airdrops Start at 10 Players
- We have spaces for those that need a place to stay temporarily (Cheap Rates!)
- VERY Active Admins
- Wipes ONLY occur if an update requires it.

Details of the server:
Server name: ColoradoRust+±ZeroToleranceAdminAbuse-NoobsFriendly-Wipe 3/22
Player Limit: 50
IP: net.connect

We hope to see you soon!

I wanted to correct what some of you thought meant Zero Door Sharing, etc. The o was meant as a Bullet Point, but I can see how that would make one think that this meant Zero or 0. We have Door Sharing as well as the other perks mentioned. Thank you.

Very Respectfully,
Head Admin on ColoradoRust++