Colored Glowing Names?

Hello there,

I’m a really new coder and recently I’ve been coding my server (For 2 months) and in every situation, google helped me, but in this one… Ugh I need to ask for help!

What I’m looking for is a code or script that can make people’s name glow in certain colors in the scoreboard (Yes for DarkRP) for example that can fade from black to white, or black to red, etc… I have seen it on several servers and one I’m currently an Administrator on (Not saying the name, I don’t want people to think I’m here to advertise).

Something that kind of looks like this:

And if you can help can you also tell me where to place the code?

Thanks for taking your time and sorry for being such a newbie.

EDIT: I’m using ULX and the replacement scoreboard.

Here red color:

Color( math.abs(math.sin(CurTime()*10)*255), 0, 0, 255 )

Avoid CurTime(), as lag makes it “jump”, use Real or SysTime() instead, also use, "math.pi * 2 * factor in order to be able to adjust the pulse rate more exact.

Hi, this is what i get in chat when using the code,

, as you can see it looks really weird, but in console you can see it glowing


Any ideas guys? I’d really like to get this working :slight_smile:


This is the code is used before the word “Owner”

[lua]Color( math.abs(math.sin(SysTime()*10)*255), 0, 0, 255 )[/lua]

It doesn’t work for chats.

Ahh daym, do you know of anything that would?

Is that a moded chat?

Yes it is, you know the Exsto custom one? That’s the one my server is using.

So where do I place that code? You’re not giving me a lot of information.

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I’m asking for code or script that can make people’s name glow in certain colors on the scoreboard, not the chat.

How did you get the custom chat from exsto to work?
I cant get seem to get it to work for me.