Colored names, unbanable?

I’m an admin for my friend’s server and there was a suspected hacker who had a colored name (Not why he was accused) and I could not ban/kick/teleport him via console. I assume this is because of the code in his name he used in order to get the colored text, basically is there any command or way that I would be able to get his real ID without the help of the server owner? Thanks in advance for any advice/helpful tips.

they are working on this.

Yeah I saw that. I was wondering if there was something I could do about it now, though. Thanks for the link anyways.

I can get colored name too, its not hack, its exploit with steam names and how rust read it

the bug is that you don’t see his full name (with color tags)

I know it wasn’t a hack (If you actually read my post correctly), it was simply inconvenient for me as I could not ban him because of it.