Colored Names

>> Colored Names

> Uses

Clan specific

4 colors on the start (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)

More colors can be achieved through zombies/drops

Know who’s in your clan if in a tight situation

Discussion please :slight_smile:

No. I hate giving clans goodies that other players don’t have.

If you’ve ever played BaseWars on Garry’s Mod the players can make their own factions and have a name color. It’s not restricted to normal players, but it is used for determining who is in what faction. Colored Names would be available to everyone, but mainly for clans to use.

But this isn’t BaseWars, this is Rust.

There are people with name colors already in the game. I’m not exactly sure how they do it, I’ve been told it’s done through steam communities.

Using hex(?) codes that correspond to colors, for some reason rust’s internal code reads them as color codes when you insert them as clan tags or before clan tags, it’s technically an exploit.

colours, not so sure, but a longer distance for them appearing would be good.

I can clearly see 3 guys standing in front of me, looking almost identical, which 2 are my friends and which is the potential threat without walking point blank into them???
We had such a situation tonight… “Which one is you?” “the one on the left” “left of me or left of you or left of them???” “Was that you who shot the other guy or them you???, never mind now I’m dead I know…”

If we could identify people at a decent range, We wouldn’t need colours. (And I’m not talking 10 miles away a name appears giving away a well hidden sniper, but yes much more than point blank would be nice…)

Edit: Actually if you could at least get names green for those on your friends list on steam who are on the server I could get on board for that :wink: