Colored TTT Radio commands?

I’m trying to make it so that the “Traitor” in the traitor call-out radio command is highlighted in red. I have both of these files in my autorun folder:

function RadioModify( ply, cmd, target )
	util.AddNetworkString( "radiomodifyinfo" )

	net.Start( "radiomodifytar" )
		net.WriteType( target )

	net.Start( "radiomodifyply" )
		net.WriteType( ply )

	if cmd == "traitor" then
		BroadcastLua( 'chat.AddText( ply .. ": " .. target .. " is a " .. "Traitor!" )' )
		return true

hook.Add( "TTTPlayerRadioCommand", "RadioModify", RadioModify )


net.Receive( "radiomodifytar", function()
	target = net.ReadType( TYPE_STRING )
end )

net.Receive( "radiomodifyply", function()
	ply = net.ReadType( TYPE_STRING )
end )

No error is given when I try to use the command, but nothing appears. It seems to break the other radio commands as well. What am I doing wrong?