Colorful's Map

My first Garry’s mod map.

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very pretty!
i like how the cliffs aren’t just flat surfaces with displacements here and there, and the water’s gorgeous, and the trees are different models and accurately (or at least beautifully) spaced out from one another.

also, mind telling me what grass texture that is? I can’t find the one with the yellow flowers.

Looks great so far, Wouldn’t mind seeing some higher resolution images.

First map my ass. That’s awesome.

Very nice, I feel you could get some more shadow definition. Lower the lightmap scale on the floor, compile with texture shadows.

Water looks sex.

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Holy crap! This is amazing!

You can make it possible to see grass from a further distance away by using an env_detail_controller entity. You can set the end fade distances and make it easier to see grass from far away. I thought that might help on a map with this sort of vegetation! :biggrin:

You have a real keen eye for realism in some areas, I suggest you try working at smoother, more random looking displacements,
and try to hide the divides on some of the cliffs.

Next I’d love to see your attempts at buildings or structures of some sort… I once did a forest map with half of a sawmill, the
wooden beams and corrugated iron sheets of an old shack type thing might be just what your map needs.

I saw this somewhere…

Is this for HL2: Sandbox?


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Actually, I did the same exact thing on one of my old maps. I added a windmill to one of my maps that looked exactly like this:

What map is that

It looks cool, but strangely the world looks cold :3

why did you pull the images :smith: